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Stainless-Steel-Industrial-Condensate-Polisher-System-156x300Industrial & Ultrapure Capabilities / Line Card

An A+ Rated Better Business Bureau Company, Nancrede Engineering has been providing products and services for industrial, commercial, power generation, municipal, military, ultra high purity, pharma and waste water segments for over 80 years. Systems can be made to ASME Code, explosion proof, mounted in containers and made to any customer specification.

  • Water Softeners (Flow Rates 1 – 1500 GPM per vessel)
  • Fresh and Salt Water UF & RO Systems (Flow Rates up to 500 GPM per Skid)
  • Stainless Steel Condensate Polishers (Flow Rates 1 – 1000 GPM per vessel)
  • Vapor Compression (VC) Distillers (Flow Rates to 120 GPM)
  • EDI, Mixed and Twin Bed Deionization Systems (Flow Rates to 500 GPM per Skid)
  • Dealkalizers (Flow rates to 500 GPM per vessel)
  • Filters (ML, Carbon, Greensand, Special Medias, Flow Rates to 1500 GPM per vessel)
  • Deionization (DI) Exchange Tanks (.2 – 65 Cubic Feet)
  • Stainless Steel bag and cartridge Filters and Housings
  • 20 – 72 ton Above and Below Ground Bulk Brine Systems
  • MIOX On-site chlorine & MOS generation systems (up to 10,000 lb/day)
  • PLC Control Systems
  • Ultrapure Central and POU Lab Systems
  • Retrofits, Media Rebeds and Re-commissioning of Existing Equipment
  • Build-Own-Operate Systems and Services
  • Gas Chlorinators
  • Preventative Maintenance & Training Programs
  • Service, Parts & Media and RO Membranes (ALL BRANDS) 888-569-2837