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Nancrede Engineering’s patent-pending Zero Hardness™ failsafe industrial water softener system is the gold standard if you have a critical process or boiler feed that requires very low hardness.

The Zero Hardness™ failsafe industrial water softener greatly reduces instances of failure, salt waste and hardness leakage. This reduction of negative factors minimizes your risk of damaging your downstream equipment, wasting money, or negatively affecting your process. Compared to the costly proposition of replacing expensive equipment such as a boiler, halting production, or creating sub-standard product quality, the Zero Hardness™ failsafe industrial water softener pays out easily.

That said, is it worth discarding your relatively new softener for the benefits of the Zero Hardness™ system? Even if you have relatively new equipment that has years of life left in it? A financial analysis may find the answer to be “Yes,” but we have an alternative that may be even more cost-effective: retrofitting your existing softener system with our patent-pending technology. This gives you most or all of the Zero Hardness™ benefits at a great price. Retrofits can be for twin, triple or quad water softener systems.

How is this possible? The Zero Hardness™ industrial water softener system works by sending water through two water softeners in series. Our patent-pending double pass, worker polisher design keeps both industrial water softeners online continuously, reducing the risk of poor water quality that can shut down or limit your process. If one softener tank fails, the other tank still softens the water. This eliminates the largest single point of failure common in standard industrial water softener systems.

With the proper engineering, our Zero Hardness™ industrial water softener system strategies can be retrofitted into your current softener system with the right combination of equipment, and design modifications. However, you shouldn’t try this on your own for two reasons:

  1. Our Zero Hardness™ industrial water softener system design is patent-pending, so neither you nor any other company can legally implement our design without a license from us.
  2. Our Zero Hardness™ industrial water softener system design has nuances that only our experienced engineers and technicians can correctly build and optimize.

Done correctly, Zero Hardness™ quality can be yours through a retrofit. To learn more about options for upgrading your existing water softener systems to the high-quality Zero Hardness™ standards, contact us at info@nancrede.com or 317-961-3798.