Posted: November 16th, 2021

What is the best way to reduce salt usage and costs for your industrial water softening?

Using less salt in a commercial or industrial water softener has a great benefit: you can greatly reduce operating costs. One of the most common ways to decrease your industrial water softener salt usage costs is through the use of bulk brine systems. Usage of underground brine tanks or above ground brine tanks allows you to purchase salt in bulk, resulting in a lower cost per pound. In additional to salt cost saving, there are additional advantages to bulk brine tanks including less injuries from manual salt loading, happier staff and reduced labor costs.

Do you want even greater salt savings plus high performance and safety? Learn about Nancrede Engineering’s patent-pending Zero Hardness™ high-efficiency industrial water softener system.

Bulk brine making systems include:

Downflow brine making – Our unique design facilitates the movement of higher density brine to the bottom for easy collection. This allows for more efficient collection of waste.

Better salt distribution – Our bulk brine tanks lead to even distribution of inlet water. The tanks include a specialized PVC induction ring which eliminates the formation of salt pillars.

Rapid loading system – Our bulk brine tanks feature a pneumatic loading and air venting system designed for rapid loading, easy maintenance and minimal dust emissions. This design reduces salt waste due to salt loading accidents and contamination.

Easy Clean Out – Nancrede Engineering brine tanks are equipped with a side-mounted, leak-proof manway near the base for convenient clean-out access and less accidental leakage.

Level Controls – Our unique brine level control system easily adjusts the liquid levels and allows for settings between ‘fully-wet’ and ‘semi-wet’.

Damage Resistance – All of our brine tanks are built using a damage-resistant fiberglass reinforced plastic shell to prevent damage and leakage. Our double walled salt briner equipment systems employ a double walled containment system with leak detection.

Contact Nancrede Engineering to learn about the ways that you can start saving on salt today and reduce salt to the drain by up to 75%. Also, be sure to check out our industrial water softener salt savings calculator to see how you can start reducing your salt costs.