Industrial Chloride Dealkalizer Boiler Calculator

Industrial Chloride Dealkalizer Boiler, Energy and Water Savings Guide & Calculator

How much can be saved in chloride dealkizer boiler energy? The Industrial Dealkalizer Boiler Energy Savings Guide below estimates how much water, money, and energy can be saved by adding an industrial dealkalizer system to your water treatment process in between your existing industrial water softener and low to medium pressure boiler. Chemical savings is not calculated but boiler treatment chemicals use will be drastically reduced. Chemical costs typically decrease by 30-50%.

The Industrial Dealkalizer Water Savings Guide calculates the theoretical increased boiler cycles by removing alkalinity from the water. Running the boiler with less alkalinity reduces blow-down and increases efficiency. The net effect is reduction of your boiler’s environmental impact saving energy, water, money and chemicals. Alkalinity is reduced by around 90% by with Industrial Dealkalizer Systems. Water treated first by an industrial softener then dealkalizer will yield higher quality water and the more boiler cycles than just industrial water softeners.

Gallons Boiler Makeup Per Day:
Alkalinity (ppm CaCO3):
TDS (ppm CaCO3):

Operating Conditions
Existing Make Up (Gallons/day):
Average GPM (Based on 24hr usage:

Maximum Boiler Water Operating Limits
Alkalinity as CaCO3 (0-300 psi):
TDS as CaCO3 (0-300 psi):

Blowdown Savings
Current Number of Boiler Cycles of Concentration (Alkalinity):
Number of Boiler Cycles of Concentration with New System (Alkalinity):

Current Number of Boiler Cycles of Concentration (TDS):
Number of Boiler Cycles of Concentration with New System (TDS):

Water Savings Per Day (Gal):
Water Savings Per Year (Gal):

Water Cost Savings Per Day:  $
Water Cost Savings Per Year:  $

Sewer Cost Savings Per Day:  $
Sewer Cost Savings Per Year:  $

Fuel Cost Savings Per Day:  $
Fuel Cost Savings Per Year:  $

New Makeup - Gallons Per Day (Gal):
New Makeup - Gallons Per Minute (Gal):

Total Savings Per Year:  $


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