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Water Analysis for Reverse Osmosis Systems

What should you test for in an industrial reverse osmosis system? See the list of cations and anions that should be analyzed and measured. Nancrede Engineering offers comprehensive water analysis services for industrial, laboratory, and healthcare environments and can create a comprehensive plan of action to improve your water purity.


  • Calcium: Ca2+
  • Magnesium: Mg2+
  • Barium: Ba2+
  • Strontium: Sr2+
  • Sodium: Na+
  • Potassium: K
  • Ferrous Iron: Fe2+
  • Ferric Iron: Fe3+
  • Aluminum: Al3+
  • Manganese: Mn2+
  • Imidogen: NH3/NH4 – N


  • Bicarbonate: HCO3– Alk (CaCO3)
  • Carbonate: CO32– Alk(CaCO3)
  • Total Alk (CaCO3)
  • Carbon Dioxide: CO2
  • Phosphate: Ortho-PO43-
  • Sulfate: SO42-
  • Flouride: F
  • Chlorine: Cl
  • Bromine: Br
  • Silicon Monoxide: SiO2
  • Sulfur Trioxide: NO3-N
  • Sulfur Dioxide: NO2-N
  • Sulfides (as S2-)
  • Boron: B
  • Arsenic: AS (III)
  • Arsenic: AS (V)