Water Softener Calculator

Nancrede is happy to offer industrial water softener sizing calculators to be used as quick guides for industrial water softener sizing. While we offer a general calculator, we also offer several specialized ones; hospital, hotel, and industrial water softener low flow channeling guide calculator.

The hospital sizing calculator takes into account the number of rooms, the peak continuous flow rate, the daily laundry and kitchen use. It will also take into account the daily boiler makeup, the hardness of the water as well as the capacity per cubic foot of resin. With this information, you will have a rough estimate of the total gallon of water used per regeneration, the cubic feet of water softener resin needed per tank and an estimate of inch valves.

The hotel sizing calculator takes into account many of the same things that the hospital one does, with the results geared more towards the needs of a hotel.

The industrial water softener low flow channeling guide calculator will help you decide the GPM minimum flow rate to prevent channeling by taking into account the tank diameter in inches. If the continuous flow rate falls below a minimum, it is suggested that a recirculation pump be used to prevent channeling; which occurs when the flow rate is too low for the size of the softener tank. This causes the water not to flow through the whole bed of the tank which would result in a hard water leakage.

It is important to keep in mind that there are many variables in sizing industrial water softeners beyond what we have discussed above. Other variables not included here may include water pressure, temperate, flow rate and the cubic feet of resin per tank.

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