150°F High Temperature Commercial Water Softener

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Tel: +1 888-569-2837
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DUF-HT-Series-High-Temperature-Water-SoftenerThe DUF commercial softener series is designed for high temperature water softening applications. The integrated control design features automatic 6 cycle regeneration with 12 day clock, assures reliable performance. Salt storage containers are fabricated of rigid high-impact nontoxic material and will not crack, rust or corrode. The seamless integral vessels are fabricated with no welds or bonded joints for higher temperature use.


  • Dependable Fully Automatic Controls
  • Seamless One Piece Brine Tanks
  • High Temperature Brine Components
  • Vinylester Reinforced Commercial Softener Pressure Vessels
  • Outstanding Warranty and Product Assurance
  • Smaller Models for Under-counter Installation