Industrial Water Service for Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, and the Midwest

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Nancrede Engineering provides rapid response industrial water service throughout Indiana, the Midwest and the U.S. Contact us right now for your industrial water service needs at 888-569-2837.

Industrial Water Service

We service industrial water treatment equipment of all types, including industrial water softeners, industrial deionizers, industrial water filters, industrial reverse osmosis systems (RO), under- and above-ground salt systems, portable exchange tanks, EDI systems, UV lights, pumps, storage tanks and more. Call us right now at 888-569-2837 for professional, customer-focused industrial water services.

industrial-hot-water-softener-stainless-steel-condensate-polishersEngineering Site Visits & Consultation

Sometimes you know exactly what you need for your industrial water or ultrapure water system. However industrial water site visits from an outside professional offer “fresh eyes” in looking at your softener, filter, reverse osmosis, deionization or salt systems. This outside perspective can often find efficiency opportunities, troubleshoot problem areas, or provide a baseline review of all existing industrial and ultrapure water systems.

Consulting Engineer Support

Nancrede Engineering Company is the “consulting engineer’s engineer” when it comes to industrial water services. You can count on our expertise and expertise to make sure you get the information, support and service you need to do your job. Contact us for expert advice that only comes with the experience found at Nancrede Engineering.

100% Free Technical Support

We are the only company in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois or anywhere in the Midwest who provides 100% toll free, unlimited technical phone and email support for your commercial and industrial water treatment systems. Contact us right now at 888-569-2837 or

Water Softener/Filter Rebed

Nancrede Engineering Company is the leader in the industry for rebedding, rebuilding and retrofitting commercial and industrial softeners, filters and reverse osmosis systems. The difference: our expertise, experience, and solution-focused approach. Rebedding and rebuilding industrial water systems is as much art as engineering science, so expertise is important.

Industrial Water Testing and Analysis

Nancrede Engineering Company provides testing and analysis of your commercial, industrial or municipal water supply. We perform onsite industrial water tests or gather samples for a laboratory analysis of your industrial, commercial or municipal water system water. Not sure if you need testing and analysis of industrial water system? Contact us for advice.

Industrial Water Systems Owner Training

Our industrial water service doesn’t stop with the installation of your equipment. We provide in-depth customer training with every industrial water system start-up or service. This helps ensure you’re satisfied both now and for years to come. That bring you peace of mind that you can count on your equipment – and Nancrede Engineering.

Industrial Water Systems Quotes

Do you need a quick quote on an industrial water system for budget purposes? Or do you need a detailed competitive quote for an upcoming industrial water system project? Nancrede Engineering Company’s engineers are experts at providing the quick information you need to make the best possible decision for your industrial water service and equipment. Call us right now for more information. Contact us also if you have surplus or used industrial water equipment to sell.

Request For Proposal

If you need an expert proposal for your complex industrial water system project, Nancrede Engineering should automatically be on your short list. Our industrial water systems engineers bring experience, expertise, and insights that make our proposals stand above the crowd, resulting in the best possible industrial water system for you to buy.

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