Build, Own, Operate – Overview

Outsource your industrial and high-purity water operations with zero initial investment so you can focus on your primary business more effectively, reduce risk and manage costs more easily.

Water Outsourcing Service Contracts

Nancrede Engineering offers Build, Own, Operate (BOO or Water One) industrial and high-purity water outsourcing services & systems. BOOs can be done with ZERO initial investment and come out of your expense budget instead of your capital budget and reduce unexpected downtime to help manage costs.  Industrial and High purity systems that are the most common for Build Own Operate are:


Build, Own, Operate (BOO) industrial, high purity, and commercial water outsourcing services can be life-saving if your business needs water and doesn’t have a capital budget.  Nancrede Engineering offers many levels of ownership from Water One, which is zero ownership to owning the equipment and having a full-blown service contract to cover all expenses and several steps in between.

build-own-operate-BOO-condensate-polisher-waterContact us now to learn more about our Build, Own, Operate (BOO) water outsourcing, equipment leases and rentals as well as our exclusive Preventative Maintenance & Training (PMT) programs, so you can focus on your core business operations and let the experts focus on your water treatment needs.

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Nancrede Engineering not only sells and services industrial water equipment but also buys surplus and used industrial water systems. If you have used industrial water equipment to sell, contact us today.

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