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Industrial Water Softeners with High Efficiency Series Salt Recycling System

For support regarding any of our industrial water products and services, please contact a Nancrede Representative.

Hours: Monday thru Friday 8-5 EST
Tel: +1 888-569-2837
Email: info@nancrede.com

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Tel: +1 888-569-2837
Email: info@nancrede.com

NECO High Efficiency industrial water softeners utilize a system of integrated components selected for optimum performance and reliability. Ease of field service and availability of parts are also important criteria in the selection of components. The NECO Industrial Softener Salt Recycling System provides a significant improvement to water softener regeneration efficiency by reducing the amount of salt usage by 25% with no loss in  treated water quality. Operating efficiencies from 2,660 to 4,440 grains hardness removed per pound of salt used are assured regeneration after regeneration.

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