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Industrial Multi-Media Water Filter Sizing Calculator

How do you size an industrial multi-media water filter? The following water calculations can be used as a rough guide for sizing industrial water Multi-Media (ML & MID) filters to remove turbidity and total suspended solids (TSS) in water for manufacturing, food and beverage, oil and gas, correctional institutions, universities, hospitals, hotels and many others. To view other industrial filter sizing calculators and guides, see the industrial water filter guide & sizing calculators page.

Peak Continuous Flow Rate GPM:
Iron quantity in water (ppm or mg/liter)*:
Quantity of total TSS (ppm or mg/liter)*:
There are multiple variables in sizing industrial water multi-media filters that are beyond the scope of the multi-media filter calculator below. Examples include water pressure, temperature, flow rate, available foot print and cubic feet of media per tank. Therefore, these industrial ML filter guides should only be used for quick estimates. For more detail on sizing and pricing, please contact a sales engineer at or +1 888 56-WATER (569-2837).

Nancrede Engineering also offers preventative maintenance, engineering consultation, equipment leasing, financing, and build, own, operate options. Let us know if you would like information on how these services can help you reduce downtime and capital risks.

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