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MRG FRP Industrial Water Softener Systems

For support regarding any of our industrial water products and services, please contact a Nancrede Representative.

Hours: Monday thru Friday 8-5 EST
Tel: 1.888.569.2837
Email: info@nancrede.com

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Tel: 1.888.569.2837
Email: info@nancrede.com

Overview: The MRG industrial water softener system offers a corrosion resistant alternative for industrial applications. Equipped with industrial-grade FRP resin tanks and external control valve manifold, it achieves higher service flow rates than traditional top-mount, multi-port valve configurations. All systems are completely factory skid mounted, pre-piped, pre-wired, and pre-tested for minimal installation time and cost. Standard designs are available for twin and triple tank configurations. This is a good choice if you have considered Fleck commercial water softeners or Clack commercial water softeners but need a more robust solution.

If you need effective, cost-saving boiler treatment with high-end water softening and low hardness leakage, then see our patent-pending Zero Hardness™ failsafe water softener that is ideal for boiler feed water.

Standard Features of the MRG FRP Industrial Water Softener System

  • Composite FRP resin tank with tri-pod base
  • Industrial softener grade Aquamatic diaphragm style control valves
  • Volume and/or time initiated regeneration cycle
  • Polyethylene brine tank assembly
  • Air or water actuated control valves
  • High capacity, cation exchange resin
  • Tank isolation valves & system bypass valve
  • Inlet/Outlet tank sampling valves
  • Factory Hydro-tested at 100 psig

If your facility has visitors who could be immunocompromised or in an older demographic, you should consider Legionella control and bacteria prevention with our new patent-pending Legionella Control water softener system. 

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