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MFS Series Industrial Water Filters

MFS-Water-FiltersCan be used with numerous industrial water filter technologies. Designed for larger commercial and industrial applications with multi-tank parallel systems common for high flow rates. Tank diameters up to 144″ and service pipe connections to 8″ flange are available.


  • Epoxy lined and prime exterior finished carbon steel pressure vessels. Non-ASME construction with 100 psig working pressure.
  • Galvanized steel face-piping assembly with cast iron, normally-open, “Y” pattern diaphragm control valves. Filters with service piping 6″ and larger utilize flanged carbon steel face-piping and double-acting butterfly control valves.
  • Pilot stager valve controller for automatic backwash operation. Pre-wired in a NEMA-12 enclosure with an adjustable timeclock for backwash initiation.
  • Self-adjusting flow control to maintain accurate backwash rates.
  • PVC media-retaining underdrain distribution system in either hub-radial or header-lateral configurations for minimal pressure drop and proper backwashing.

Optional Equipment

  • ASME constructed, stamped, and certified pressure vessels for varying working pressures.
  • “Safety Blue” finish painted vessel exteriors. Alternative colors are available.
  • Pressure differential switch initiated backwash cycle.
  • Separate source backwash valves.
  • Inlet/outlet pressure gauges and sample valves.
  • Sch 80 PVC face-piping and thermo-plastic diaphragm valves (1-3″ service).
  • Sch 80 PVC face-piping and butterfly valves (3-8″ service).
  • 304/316 Stainless steel pressure vessels, face-piping, and internal distributors.
  • Manual system valves for operator-performed backwash cycle.
  • Chemical pre-dosing injection equipment.
  • Potassium permanganate regenerant systems (for MGA filters).
  • Air-scour backwash systems (for high particulate applications).
  • Steam or hot water sanitizable systems (for ACA filters).
  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC) electrical packages.
  • Skid mounted, pre-piped, and pre-wired systems (for multiple filters).



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